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Montibello Denuee Permanent Colour Very Light Pearl Ash Blonde 9



DÉNUÉE gives you the chance to improve ammonia-free permanent colouring services thanks to its revolutionary Aquagel technology that improves chromaticity and

avoids the risk of opacity, saturation and overbleaching. Its new Aquagel texture offers you superior colouring services.

DÉNUÉE is an improvement in results: Precision and reliability with 100% natural mimetic results. A 100% sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly range

It#s a new range with 70 shades that mimic the colour of natural hair. DÉNUÉE is the vegan hair dye that improves hair and the planet.

DÉNUÉE comes with a revolutionary technology where science and nature come together:

AQUAGEL technology: a powerful WATER-based pigment release system. The first technology that captures, retains and releases colour molecules in a gradual and controlled manner.

Unlike conventional oil based colours, Aquagel transports pigment to the hair#s inner structure and gradually releases it to deliver high-definition colour,
sharpness of colour and chromaticity like those of natural hair.

Botanical treatment and soothing therapy:
8 botanical extracts that repair, seal and protect hair and scalp, giving better results in terms of chromaticity and sharpness of colour.
1 powerful therapeutic mineral, calamine, which soothes and protects the scalp for utmost comfort
The 8 botanical Natural extracts of DÉNUÉE are: calendula, magnolia, Japanese camellia, cherry blossom, centella asiatica, white tea, bamboo and peony.

Unmatched colour due to its:

# Multidimensional effect.
# Greater definition and sharpness of colour.
# 100% natural coverage.
# 100% Sustainable & recyclable.
# 100% Vegan.
# Superior hydration.
# Greater resistance.
# Utmost comfort without any odour.

6.37 (exc vat) - 7.64(inc vat)

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